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What Is Cordastra?


Cordastra is a new supplement to hit the Beachbody line combining two ancient Chinese herbs Cordyceps and Astragalus. Designed to help boost the immune system, cordyceps helps in restoring energy, boosting immunity, increasing strength, and promoting the kidney, liver, and lung function. Cordyceps is the most well researched mushroom on the planet and considered by many traditional herbalists as one of the healthiest herbs in the world. Astralagus helps to regulate and balance the immune system with antioxidents which promotes strong respiratory function.

Cordastra is an immune booster designed to help minimize stress and boost energy levels in a safe and healthy way. Boosting energy and stamina can have many solutions from different areas but Cordastra promotes balance using these two herbs into one supplement. Proper diet and exercise are always key to a healthy and fit lifestyle and this product may help in filling some of the gaps. It should be noted that Astralagus may interact with medications that suppress the immune system. Protecting the liver starts with what you eat so if diet has been a long term issue this supplement may help in restoring energy.